Sure Shot Tricks For Getting More Instagram Followers

Everyone wants more followers. The success of Instagram is built upon the desire of creators on the platform to get more engagement and followers. The more content they keep uploading, the more people engage, and naturally more continue using Instagram. The cycle is beneficial for all parties involved.

In the competitive world, having a loyal and engaging following on platforms like Instagram and others. Before the days of social media, the term ‘influencers’ was largely restricted to celebrities in different fields. Now, a person specializing in any given field and having an affable personality can become an influencer with smart social media tactics. Currently, the platform which most social media execs love is Instagram.

Instagram in many ways is popular because of its popularity amongst younger audiences. The average age of typical Facebook users has gone up in recent years. Instagram is now home to young audiences. For brands, this is a clear opportunity to gain the loyalty of a young populace and convert them into becoming customers for years to come.

DCA says that, The importance of building an audience on Instagram is thus crucial. There are many blogs online which give away generic tips on growing Instagram followers which don’t have an instant impact. For people who have not had the luxury of studying at the top digital marketing institutes, building a following can be a long haul.

In this article, we give away some sure-fire methods to gain followers on Instagram.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups on Facebook

One of the simplest ways to quickly grow following on Instagram is by Insta engagement groups on Facebook.

These groups generally exist to allow people looking to grow their Insta profile to help each other. Remember, Instagram’s algorithm increases the reach of your post only if it generates significant engagement. People on these groups engage with each other’s posts and rachet up the engagement metrics for the Instagram profiles of each member. Increased engagement leads to more people seeing the content and more people following.

Repost Popular Content

When you come across content you feel will generate a lot of engagement, repost it on your Instagram profile. Many people don’t repost content fearing a backlash. As long as you give the creator of the content credit in the caption, you’re fine. The worst-case scenario is that you have to take down your post because of a copyright claim which isn’t really that big of a deal.

One of the best places to find content that could go viral on Instagram is scrolling through Reddit. Content on Reddit often goes viral before it reaches other major platforms.

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In Conclusion

You will find many blog posts that give away generic tips to grow an Instagram following. While these tips may work, they are too broad to have an instant impact on a single social media profile. In this article, we covered some tricks which have an instant impact on the follower numbers.

About the Author – Sheela Das is a social media expert and has a stellar record of managing and building the profiles of some of India’s biggest influencers.