What You Should Know About Industrial Shredders?

Industrial shredders are essential for any company that must dispose of documents and records. Successful businesses know that regular shredding is an integral part of their daily operations and a safety precaution against theft, accidental exposure, and cyber-attack. But what should you look for in an industrial shredder? And how can you determine if it’s the right one? In this article, we’ll answer these questions, and more so you can make a confident decision when shopping around.

What is an industrial shredder?

Industrial shredders are industrial machines used to shred large volumes of material. They’re usually found in manufacturing plants and recycling centers, though they are sometimes seen in warehouses and other places where large volumes of material must be shredded. They come in many sizes, but all have a large rotating blade that chops up the material into small pieces.

How does an industrial shredder work?

An industrial-sized shredder has blades that spin at high speed. You put materials into the machine, which are then cut and shredded by the edges, reducing them to pieces no larger than your hand. The size of the components depends on how hard you press down on the feeder.

Shredding capacity of a shredder

The shredding capacity of a shredder is determined by the weight that can be fed per hour. This weight is measured in pounds per hour or kg/h. The best way to determine if a particular shredder will meet your needs is to measure how much paper you need to process and then calculate how many pounds (or kilograms) they will be processed in one hour.

What are the different types of shredders?

There are two different types of shredders industrial. There is the horizontal disposer and the vertical disposer. The horizontal machine is most often used in offices to dispose of sensitive documents and paper. This type of industrial shredder can be customized depending on how it will be used. The vertical commercial shredder is known for its versatility because it can convert into five different configurations that can handle many materials like staples, discs, paperclips, etc.

Which type of industrial shredder should you choose for your company?

Industrial shredders are used to dispose of sensitive material. Choosing the right shredder can be difficult because many different models and types of shredders are on the market. When selecting a shredder, you need to consider the kind of material you will be putting in it. For instance, if you want to dispose of paper, cardstock, and CDs, your company would benefit more from a strip-cut shredder than a cross-cut one. There are also different sizes available to help accommodate your needs. If your company is producing large volumes, you might want to invest in a high-capacity machine that can process up to 50 pages per minute.